Air conditioners need regular servicing to ensure they’re working at peak efficiency (and stop them costing you more than they should!) If your air con is showing any of the following 5 signs, book in a service ASAP.

  • It’s not cooling as well as it used to: If you’re needing to crank down the temperature to 18 or 19 degrees to get effective cooling, it’s time for a service.
  • Your electricity bill is huge: You’ve just received your electricity bill covering the beginning of summer, and it’s HUGE. This is a telltale sign that your air con is having to work overtime to cool your home effectively.
  • It smells weird: Unpleasant or unusual smells are usually a sign that something’s not right inside your split system – most likely some kind of bacterial growth on a dirty filter. 
  • It’s noisy: If you can’t hear the TV over your air con (despite turning the volume up) then your AC needs to be inspected. 
  • It’s leaking water or other fluids: Generally, any fluid coming out of the internal air con unit is a sign that your air con needs servicing or maybe even replacing.