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What areas do you cover in Melbourne?

We have teams of electricians all over Eastern Melbourne. This enables us to serve the entire eastern side of Melbourne within 40km of the CBD.

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Do you offer an emergency service?

Yes! We pride ourselves on having the best emergency response rate in the business. Our expert team of electricians provide emergency electrical services across eastern Melbourne for both residential and commercial properties. All our vehicles are ready and stocked with all the parts and equipment to deal with most common emergencies on the spot.

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Why might I need to upgrade my switchboard?

Older switchboards simply weren’t designed to handle the workload that today’s average home needs. Many older switchboards also don’t contain safety switches, and may contain asbestos. For all these reasons, it’s usually worth getting your switchboard assessed or upgraded if it’s more than 10 years old – firstly to protect your property and its occupants, and secondly to future-proof it for years to come.

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Why should I get my smoke alarm professionally checked?

Even if you regularly test your smoke alarm, it’s a good idea to get them professionally checked once a year. They become less effective over time and a professional electrician will be able to identify if your alarms should be replaced.

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What brands and types of air conditioner do you install?

We’re experts in fitting and maintaining quiet, cost-effective split-system AC solutions in both homes and businesses. As fully qualified air conditioning installers, we work with you to find the most energy efficient and effective solution for your needs. We’ll assess your needs and provide a comprehensive list of recommendations. Our recommended brands include Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic and Haier.

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How do I know if my air conditioner needs to be serviced?

Air conditioners need regular servicing to ensure they’re working at peak efficiency (and stop them costing you more than they should!) If your air con is showing any of the following 5 signs, book in a service ASAP.

  • It’s not cooling as well as it used to: If you’re needing to crank down the temperature to 18 or 19 degrees to get effective cooling, it’s time for a service.
  • Your electricity bill is huge: You’ve just received your electricity bill covering the beginning of summer, and it’s HUGE. This is a telltale sign that your air con is having to work overtime to cool your home effectively.
  • It smells weird: Unpleasant or unusual smells are usually a sign that something’s not right inside your split system – most likely some kind of bacterial growth on a dirty filter. 
  • It’s noisy: If you can’t hear the TV over your air con (despite turning the volume up) then your AC needs to be inspected. 
  • It’s leaking water or other fluids: Generally, any fluid coming out of the internal air con unit is a sign that your air con needs servicing or maybe even replacing. 
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I want to update my ceiling fans. What should I be thinking about?

Modern ceiling fans are a fantastic option for cooling (and heating) a room while reducing your energy consumption. You should think about the following when choosing a fan:

  • The size of the room. A large fan will be more powerful and circulate air more effectively. In contrast, a smaller fan can be sufficient for a smaller space.
  • The style of the fan. You’ll want to choose a design that complements your home’s existing décor.
  • A fan with good blade balance. This will ensure the fan runs smoothly and quietly.
  • Budget. Ceiling fans can range in price from around $100 to $500 or more.

If you need help with choosing the right fan, call us today.

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Why should I replace my halogen downlights with LED downlights?

Not only are old halogen downlights expensive to operate, potentially costing thousands of dollars each year, they can also be extremely dangerous. With a temperature range of up to 370 degrees, they can easily cause an electrical fire if there’s a fault. Upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting is a great move for your finances – it can reduce the lighting portion of your electricity bill by up to 75% – and your peace of mind.

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What else can I do to make my lights more energy efficient?

Consider installing dimmer switches, motion sensor switches or smart light switches instead of conventional light switches. All of these options help you reduce the amount of electricity your lights use: with smart lighting, you can even control the amount of light (and the mood) from your phone, and automatically switch lights on and off when you enter or leave a room!

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I want to install an EV charger at home. Will I need to carry out any upgrades to my home?

Depending on the age of your home, you may find that some upgrades need to be made so your EV charger works properly. These may include:

  • Wiring replacement
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • System capacity upgrades

Switchboard upgrades are the most common upgrade we need to make when installing an EV charger, especially if your switchboard is an older model that has rewireable fuses. This also improves the electrical safety of your home. We can advise about any specific upgrades that are required during the assessment process.

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What’s the best time of day to charge an electric vehicle?

Generally, it’s best to charge overnight or during the day to avoid peak energy usage times like breakfast or dinner times. Most clients charge their EVs overnight to limit stress on their home’s power supply and to take advantage of off-peak energy rates. Your power company will be able to tell you if you can take advantage of an off-peak tariff, or switch you onto a plan which enables this if you’re on a single-rate plan.

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Can my EV charger be set up to work with my solar panels?

Yes! Several EV chargers feature functionality which allows you to use the surplus energy from your building’s solar panels to avoid high grid energy prices.

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Can my EV charger be installed outdoors?

Yes, all reputable EV chargers are weatherproof. Most manufacturers do suggest avoiding areas that are subject to prolonged periods of direct sunlight.

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What scale and types of commercial jobs do you take on?

Our team members have years of experience from working on large-scale commercial projects. We have the capability to take on commercial projects big and small, but we specialise in rapid turnarounds on fitouts and apartment developments – ensuring high-quality work to tight deadlines. 

As well as fit outs, we can also carry out a wide range of general electrical tasks, from safety testing and smoke alarm maintenance, through to data cabling and connections and installing backup generators to ensure business continuity.

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We need to fit out a retail premises ASAP. Can you help?

Absolutely! We specialise in working miracles on tight deadlines. We carry out fast, high-quality fitouts for retail and hospitality businesses that enable you to start trading faster. To talk about your needs, call us today.

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